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Personal Branding
by Martyna Wędzicka


Uovo Performing Art Festival
by Atto


Neghelli 11
by Roberta Farese

Muyum Food for kids – Packaging
by Tatabi, Spain

Muyum Identity (kid’s food brand)
by Tatabi, Spain

The five tessellating shapes can be manipulated into an entire alphabet, allowing their print collateral to be used as an educational game as well as just looking good. Coupled with a primary colour palette the look and feel of the brand is entirely appropriate for their target market, without being in any way patronising or plastered with nauseatingly happy rainbow-coloured cows.

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by Hass&hannibal, Denmark

Identity for the small independent record label Jævn, consisting of logo, artwork and website.

by Hvass&hannibal, Denmark

Identity and artwork for Refleksionshuset - a self development and team building tool for businesses.

Graphic Design: Bunch create great identity for Croatian print studio Cervoski

Needing the visual vernacular to work across everything from stationery to iPad apps, mugs to T-Shirts, Bunch set about developing an identity which could be both coherent and flexible. “The utility of the logotype and typeface provide a cohesive foundation for a wealth of material choices and print finishes,” they say. “These include metallic and white inks, dyed and unbleached boards and papers, die cuts, debossed clear foils, open stitching and over-print details.”

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for Bonnard (product branding)u
by Anagrama

The brand’s distinct brush strokes and color selection are based on Pierre Bonnard’s postimpressionist paintings. The simple art direction, together with french words and phonetics round up the brand’s gallic concept effortlessly, spontaneously and efficiently.

Our approach with clean, sans-serif typography gives Bonnard a luxurious feel mostly associated with high-end fashion brands.

for high-end pastry and confectionery shop Xocladby
by Anagrama

Inspired by pre-Hispanic typefaces, Mayan art and architecture, the studio brought these references into a contemporary context with archetypal excellence.

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Studentisches Magazin »Nicht jetzt!«

von Studierenden des Departments Design der HAW Hamburg geschrieben, fotografiert, illustriert und gestaltet 

Nach den preisgekrönten Heften »Kinder«, »Geld« und »Geschmack« beschäftigt sich die vierte monothematische Ausgabe mit dem »Teilen«. Das Thema war gleichzeitig Arbeitsmodus der Redaktion, die von Prof. Stefan Stefanescu betreut wird: Im Selbstversuch begann sie mit Teilhabe fast aller an fast allen Arbeitsprozessen und endete in Arbeitsteilung.